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Hello Forever redefines the modern hippie on "I Want To Marry You" [Video]

There is no shortage of diversity and creativity when it comes to musical styles. But perhaps there is a shortage of recognition for styles that are more classic than innovative, outliving their own legacies. California's art pop collective Hello Forever wants to change that. Ditching the city's expectations and expensive studios, Samuel Joseph and a revolving cast of fellow friends and artists live on the grounds of a secluded 1960s nudist commune, creating music almost obsessively while paying their respects to the hallowed grounds upon which they practice. Such is the case with their newest single, "I Want To Marry You". 

Adopting that 60s West Coast demeanour that spawned the original "good vibes only" attitude, the collective gently strums with figurative sunshine at their fingertips over a bed of vocal harmonies. Joseph's mollifying verses depicting a perfect afternoon play like a lullaby heard through an open window on a hot summer day. Accepting that they do exist within the realm of the 21st century despite their historic surroundings, they polish off the track with subtle remnants of electronic tinkering in chopped up sound effects. An understated reminder that just like people, old and new sounds can find peace and harmony together. 

Of course, this message would not be complete without its own visual story. Spreading love through music and flowers, Hello Forever film themselves through various scenes of nature and industry, further exemplifying the power of art in penetrating all barriers. "'I Want to Marry You' is a song about connecting with yourself and other people," Joseph explains. "It was a perfect late April afternoon and the sun was ripe and I suddenly felt so much tenderness in the relationship between everything around me.  The video came together just hanging out and going on some hikes with Hello Forever and a few friends. We passed the camera around and just had fun with it." 

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