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Bronze Whale and Poles show us why "Austin Is Fading"

The Austin, Texas-based indie electronic duo known as Bronze Whale tap into their undying love for their hometown on their new aptly titled single "Austin Is Fading."

The record sees Bronze Whales' Jaques and Benny exploring the ebb and flow of their personal relationships within the ever-changing dynamics of the city over layered ethereal instrumentation. Blending various elements from R&B, downtempo electronic vibes, and pop-driven melodies, "Austin Is Fading" showcases a growing trend of how different genres can seamlessly weave into one another. The single serves as the duo's first song for 2020 and while, for the most part, they tend to do things in-house, they actually brought in their long-time friend and label collaborator Poles to help them on the song. Not much detail is given if the song is from a full-length project or just a one-off track, but regardless this is a brilliant joint to keep us occupied till their next release.

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Electronic · Indie


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