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Michael Baker's single "They Look Just Like They Know" is a pensive, calming reflection of self

January is a time of significant, positive goal setting, so it's refreshing to hear a more realistic perspective on mental health and personal reflection. Brighton artist Michael Baker's single “They Look Just Like They Know” tackles memories good and bad, reminding us that it's still okay to not always be okay.  

Baker wrote this track upon moving to Brighton after spending years living in his van. Accordingly, the song discusses the mind as an ever-moving home - one that often can double as an unfamiliar, trapped place. Unlike a van or house, your mind is something that’s difficult to escape from. Quiet strings and a slower, softer sung track frames this idea - a calmer presentation of the darker lyrical topics.

Baker releases the track ahead of his upcoming full length album Salt expected March 6th. 

Connect with Michael: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

Acoustic · Folk


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