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Charlie Powers starts the year with "Tell Me Why"

The 22 year old Oceanside, California artist Charlie Powers delivers his latest single "Tell Me Why".

On his journey through alternative and R&B landscapes, Charlie has managed to create a sound that is all his own, from his self produced tracks to his very own vocal style and delivery. Each track brings a sultry atmosphere and jazzy instrumentation to create a perfect laid back yet engaging experience. 

"Tell Me Why", comes as no exception with lovely strumming guitars, crispy hi-hats and soft playing synths in the background. The beat excellently sets up Charlie to deliver his suave topline, demonstrating both his songwriting abilities and his range. The track also features impressive vocal processing in the layers and a bridge section which transposes his voice down and pushes the boundary a bit more into hip-hop. 

While Charlie Powers only has a couple of tracks in his catalog, he has proven his sound to be consistent and his style to be organic. It's only a matter of time before more people start picking up what he is putting down. 

Connect with Charlie Powers: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify

Indie · R&B


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