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RACKETT explores uncontrollably romanticising about a fictional lover in "Oxytoxic"

RACKETT previously gave fans a taste of the rejuvenation of with "Machinations", and now, the Sydney-based artist has returned with her sophomore single to a project that has essentially broken away from a solid four-piece and into a solo, experimental pop act of one.

RACKETT's "Oxytoxic" was co-written with fellow Sydney artist Dave Hammer (JEFFE, Lime Cordiale) in Sydney, Australia and it offers a varied mix of trap, pop, dance and electrical vibes within what is essentially a song about uncontrollably romanticising about a fictional lover, while also touching on the notion of being overcome by desire for someone you don’t even know.

RACKETT recently went through a transition, evolving from a four-piece to a one-piece with front woman Rebecca Callander taking charge of the new era of the brand. "Oxytoxic" is not only the continuation of who RACKETT is as a solo artist, but also just another small piece of the larger puzzle of her fantastic new journey.

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