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Charli Adams sings an ode to youth in new single "Cloverland Drive"

Often it seems as if time is speeding along and you wake up and find it’s been years; there are songs that seem to slow that process and transport you back to youthful moments. I feel this connection when listening to Charli Adam’s new single “Cloverland Drive”. During the four minutes of her vocals ranging from deep to soaring, I find evidence that Adams has once again tapped into a nostalgia-driven muse.

The country string plucking and heavy reverberating electric guitar provide an interesting contrast within the track as Adams speaks to an unknown listener. She says goodbye by telling them she’ll see them again. The idea of youthfulness and reminiscence is at play here. It appears throughout her upcoming EP Good At Being Young. When I spoke with Charli in November, she spoke earnestly on the importance of nostalgia. Fittingly, Cloverland Drive refers to the cross-street Adams first landed on when she moved to Nashville at 17, and the house she now jokes she can never move out of. It’s important to note that although the track mentions specifics of Adams life, it succeeds at encapsulating the memories of those listening. This explains why I’m wistfully tearing up into my coffee cup. 

Good At Being Young EP is expected January 31st. 

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