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Australian punk group Cable Ties release track "Sandcastles"

Australian punk trio Cable Ties return after their 2017 debut album with new single “Sandcastles.” Vocalist and guitarist Jenny McKechnie’s sonorous voice is unique and arresting, and bassist Nick Brown and drummer Shauna Boyle lay down an electrifying instrumental framework for the song. The members’ contributions don’t blend together, but they mesh fantastically, creating a layered and satisfying track.

Cable Ties describes themselves as a live band, at their best when they can express themselves in front of an audience, but the group chemistry of Cable Tires still crackles over recording. The group’s obvious joy in playing together binds their sound together as it explores different styles and angles over the course of the track. 

Dependable, grooving instrumentals temper McKechnie’s dynamic, passionate vocals, nailing the formula for a cathartic punk song without being formulaic. The band’s curiosity and inexhaustible energy bursts at the seams. Their sound morphs and expands as the song progresses, driving the track forward with consistent vitality.  

Connect with Cable Ties: Spotify | Bandcamp | Instagram

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