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Call Me Ace's new single "Gold Cuffs" is a a true testament to the grind [Premiere]

Up-and-coming rapper and entrepreneur Call Me Ace has just released a staggering new banger "Gold Cuffs" that preaches the virtue of drive and focus. This single comes after a strong effort in 2019 that featured the eclectic 40-minute album Airplane Mode and is premiered ahead of his upcoming album Working From Home, out February 29. Featuring uplifting words of versatility and perseverance over a funky and bouncing instrumental, "Gold Cuffs" is a proud anthem that rings true to how far the grind can get you.

On the surface, the lyrical content of "Gold Cuffs" may appear to be your typical rhetoric of hard work as a means to the current context of artistic success. However, not only is Call Me Ace's lane real, it's incredibly unique. Ace has continually balanced a flourishing career in Silicon Valley alongside his growing music career despite common narratives that the former must be sacrificed to achieve the latter. While musical success stories often come off as polarizing, Ace's narrow and difficult path that he's paved for himself proves both dreams are possible. Moreover, his powerful brags of "Colleagues in the crowd. Can't talk, I'm workin' now. See you in the mornin'. First one in, the first one out," don't only flow seamlessly over the layered beat, they have a hyper-personalized meaning as well.

It's important to still mention how infectious this new track is. The pulsing guitar riffs groove along nicely behind the catchy cadence to the hook as well as the strong flows of the verses. An enthralling start to the decade, "Gold Cuffs" is an uplifting bop. More importantly, it puts the meaningful themes of self-love and black excellence into an empowering sonic context, making the grind not a burden, but a privilege. 

Connect with Call Me Ace: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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