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Wale drops new video "Love...(Her Fault)" featuring Bryson Tiller [Video]

Wale finally dropped a music video for the track "Love...(Her Fault)" from his most recent new album Wow...That's Crazy. Being a famous rapper from D.C, whose words come together forming pure poetry, it comes to no surprise that this video tells a beautiful yet heart-breaking story of a toxic relationship. Singer Bryson Tiller is also a great addition to this song by adding softness to this track through a smooth vocal delivery. 
Wale never fails to leave a mesmerizing impact in the way that he talks about love in his music. Through vivid lyricism, he has always been able to paint a precise picture of such a powerful emotion. The audience can witness this when he raps "We too chicken, impossible. I'm just fishing, it's possible / That I miss you, malnourished / I need your flesh on my lips so I'm better." 
In this video, Wale shows the causes and effects of a classic toxic relationship. This video ties perfectly with the track and the lyricism because the viewers are able to watch what often happens after an argument in such a turbulent exchange. We see the partners not effectively communicating, but turning to drinking in the club for a solution. It concludes with the audience left with an open-ending, not knowing if they will break-up or remain together. Will the cycle repeat? Wale leaves it up to our imagination. However, as many of us know, sometimes, some people hold on too tightly to toxic relationships instead of ever letting go.  
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