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Luna Shadows brings her dark side out in "millennia"

Luna Shadows is a rising star in the Los Angeles DIY scene. Her music is dark-pop with a taste of anarchy and her moniker perfectly embodies the mystery in her music. 

Her new song “millennia” has a pulsing beat with this palpable frustration that you can’t shake. Her ethereal voice drifts in and out, like in a dark corridor, echoing through the halls. The song builds to a shimmery chorus like the hysteria in her mind.  

The song’s underlying theme is passive aggression. Shadows explains, "'millennia' is essentially about different styles of dispute and communication. There are some people who prefer to confront things right away and talk until resolution is reached; conversely, there are others who run in the opposite direction and avoid confrontation altogether. I personally find that the silent treatment tends to be more painful than confrontation."

Luna Shadows doesn’t hold back in her songwriting. She sings, "Well it’s silent, bet you’re nervous now 'cause I get violent when you drown me out." It’s the perfect ode to the art of confrontation. She doesn't want to be kept in the dark, she'd prefer the honest route even though being blunt can hurt more. Sometimes keeping negative feelings bottled-up for long periods of time can lead to sharper jabs in the end.

Luna Shadows started out as a touring member of the synth-pop group The Naked and Famous but she gained her own following which led to her bedroom pop. Her writing shows off the dark side of L.A. with a hint of that glamor we all crave. 

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