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Find true vulnerability with The Glass Child's latest single "Alone With You"

There are people who gravitate toward music for the recognition, those who do it for the financial glamour, and then there are the rare souls who simply breathe music out like it's air. Swedish native Charlotte Eriksson is one of them. Under the moniker The Glass Child she composes stirring songs that never feel forced, nor diluted in any way. They simply are. Her newest release "Alone With You" bottles up every little moment and big emotion alike in a subtle catharsis that's as gentle as her voice.

In a song with such love-torn lyrics and breathy vocals, it would be expected that the production would follow suit. But instead of soft acoustics, the track is adorned with punchy percussions and a lilting melody. It's not harsh, yet the juxtaposition is enough to keep your mind from wandering during the lengthy verses. And just when you get used to the flow of it all, Eriksson catapults through with a powerful chorus that snaps you right back to attention. The pull of her vulnerable confession— "when I'm alone I fall"— the agonizing hold of a love that's greater than you is enough to make you forget where you are and float away into memories of your own. A carefully executed balancing act of narrating her own story with the solemn wish to "touch at least one soul out there and make them feel they belong."

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Alt-Pop · Alternative · Indie


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Acidic Rue
Acidic Rue
1 year ago

Thank you for premiering The glass child's new song! we need more people to discover her <3