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Dan Deacon explores a lifetime of great flux in "Become a Mountain" [Video]

This week sees the release of Dan Deacon's "Become A Mountain", the vocal-heavy anthem from Dan's forthcoming album Mystic Familiar. Following the album's lead single “Sat By A Tree,”, "Become A Mountain" sees Dan offer an intense portrayal of characters, metaphors, and distorted vocals throughout this electronic dreamscape of sounds and overarching vocal range, for what seems to be the first time ever on record, Dan brings his natural singing voice to his music.

Having worked on the music for the album over a four year period, Deacon began going to therapy and started a meditation practice to get through the process. The lyrics of 'Become A Mountain' essentially lay out the concept of what is to come from the forthcoming album, due out for release on January 31, by the folks over at Domino Recording Company. The narrator of the story in the opening song's verse and choruses, is trying to learn how to be self-compassionate.

Like others who have previously been in a dark mindset for a long time; self-compassion and non-judgmental thinking were a real challenge for Deacon, this song gave him the change to experience entirely new habits that needed to be learned basically from scratch.

Having worked with Spain-based studio Rapapawn on the video, Dan Deacon has put together a solid four minute and 11 second short film that sees the emphases of the song take place through the images on display.

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