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Honey Cutt takes a break from heartbreak in “Vacation” [Video]

Honey Cutt’s latest single “Vacation” is the escape we all needed. Singer-songwriter Kaley Honeycutt treats romantic disappointment like a lullaby and puts us all under her spell. 

The indie-rock darling sings, dances, pouts and rolls her eyes throughout the grainy beach-side music video, shot by Stephen Chevalier, reinstating the coy and charming narrative of the track. Prior to recording her upcoming debut album Coasting, Honey Cutt took the sweet surf sounds from the sunshine state into Boston basements. She found a live band and her place in the music community of a new city. 

At first listen, Honey Cutt sounds like a free-spirited Florida kid that left the garage for packed venues, but her lyrics tell a different story. A master of disguise—she softens the blow of her darker moments with catchy melodies and likeable charm. “Well I’ve heard all I need to hear from you/Your story’s just like every other fool/You only feel bad/If I call you out,” she sings. 

Previously performing under the name Baby! with one EP under her belt, Honeycutt rebranded herself to stand out in the search engines. With a new moniker and polished, dreamy sound, Coasting is ready for a March 13 release on Kanine Records

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