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Step inside TROSSTHEGIANT's struggle with Leukemia on "Last Breath"

After getting diagnosed with Leukemia 9 months ago, TROSSTHEGIANT had to completely uproot his life, in order to fight for it. And after a professionally successful 2019, the 22 year old Oceanside rapper is back in action with the release of his latest track entitled “Last Breath”.

For months, TROSSTHEGIANT would be in and out of hospitals, on and off of all sorts of treatments, and would face the idea that it was possible that he could take his "Last Breath" sooner than expected. While these conditions would usually knock one onto the ground, TROSS managed to find a light in the darkness and proceeded to remain his positive self, and to top it all off he managed to still be able to create.

He notes that "it wasnt all bad though, ive learned so much about life, God, family, diseases, depression, anxiety, isolation, and perseverance. Two weeks into my first hospital stay, i wrote a song," and lucky for us that song comes as "Last Breath." This track takes the listener on an emotional journey and details the realization that one day you will no longer be around. With a knocky sub, emotive vocal back tracks, TROSSTHEGIANT's stunning vocal performance and resonating lyrics, this song stands out in a crowded room, and will inevitably touch lives. 

He hopes that this song "can serve as a look into the life of those who have experienced cancer of any form, hopelessness of any form, or hurt of any form," and I am here to tell him job well done.

Be on the look for his EP dropping on January 22, as it's sure to be something special. 

Connect with TROSSTHEGIANT: Spotify | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter



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