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Toronto artist Madhouse drops new two tracks, "Awoken" and "How I've Grown"

Toronto artist Madhouse just let go of two cinematic new tracks, "Awoken" and "How I've Grown." The singer is at the top of his game, sounding like early The Weeknd with a bit more bounce and just as catchy melodies.

Madhouse's vocals are polished; he shows them off as he sings the lyrics, "every time I feel you" on "How I've Grown" and stretches the final word until the listener is eagerly waiting to hear what is next. Even having produced both songs, Madhouse's pen is his strength; each of the two tracks seem like they were written by a seasoned songwriter-turned-artist. "Awoken" feels like a song that has no limits in its audience or its growth potential. At moments the lyrics are dark and the vocals show vulnerability, but the chorus is paired with a quirky guitar and drum patterns that take the listener on a high. It's a rollercoaster of a song that has minimal weak moments, but instead brings the listener happily through every turn. Check out the newest offerings from Madhouse, "Awoken" and "How I've Grown," up above. 

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