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"No Reply"'s digital release gets Maxx Rossi fans hot under the collar

After fifteen years in the game, DJ and producer Maxx Rossi is no stranger to a heavy beat. No Reply, the first ever solo vinyl EP from Rossi has been re-released digitally, much to techno fans' delight. Released via his own label, Polymeric, it marks some of Rossi’s best music to date. With his tracks being supported by techno heavyweights such as Dax J, Dave Clarke and Thomas P Heckman, No Reply comes as a much-welcomed digital release, bound to take listeners on a journey.

The three tracks “No Reply,” “Funked Up” and “Pump This Stuff” begins hard and continues to ramp up the energy. It’s a release which has all the key elements you’d want from dynamic, underground techno. “No Reply” sets the pace at a solid 140BPM, and each track takes it to the next level, with “Pump This Stuff” bringing the EP to a close at 144BPM.

While each track is completely solid in its own right, “Pump This Stuff” is a particular highlight of the EP. Relentless from the get-go, with muffled and indistinguishable vocals that wind and race into an utterly warped bassline, it’s the exact sort of techno you want to be hearing peak-time in a seedy club somewhere in Europe. This being said, so is every track; “Funked Up” gives off the exact same vibe. What more could you really want?

No Reply is an EP which feels a million miles away from some of Rossi’s previous releases (Free, for example), but is undoubtably some of his best work and a must-have for any speedy techno-lover’s collection. An even bigger bonus comes in the form of the EP as a digital release, making it far more accessible; this can't be complained about.

No Reply can be streamed via SoundCloud, or purchased through Beatport.

Connect with Maxx Rossi: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram 

Dance · Rave · Techno


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