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Drew David releases new EP with hazy ballad "BABYGIRL"

Rising Los Angeles melodic rapper Drew David has released his first EP, entitled DD's WORLD. The-six track project is a quick but memorable listen that is packed with vibrant and glossy trap beats that back some catchy vocal grooves. Bursting with colorful and trippy bangers, DD's WORLD marks a great beginning of a decade for Drew David, whose fun and energetic voice demands engagement.

The most immersive and vulnerable track is by far "BABYGIRL Ft. Keshore and HaroinFather," as its sexy guitar-sampled instrumental backs sweet lyrics of young love. It's mid-project spot at track number three breaks up the bangers with a slowed-down slow jam while also adding some emotion and depth to the eccentric character of Drew David."BABYGIRL" uses a beautiful and visceral instrumental that samples Still Woozy's "Goodie Bag" with ease. A true and well-executed sample, the slowed down and modified guitar loop utilizes the sonic haziness of the original track while functioning well in the new and unique context of the track.

Vocally, all three artists provide their own take of inviting affection and lust. Though differing in style, delivery, and tone, all maintain cohesion through the collectively gentle and indulgent subject matter. However, the track's hook from Drew David, although simple, is still the sweetest and most poignant. With every repetition of the phrase "I think about you all day baby girl," the beat grows deeper and more layered, and the brief words ring all the more true. Despite the strong instrumental and vocal performances on the track, this truth is the most important, as David Drew provides groovy croons that are nothing if not honest.

This is just the first EP from Drew David, a brief but cohesive listen that flies by with color and personality. The six strong tracks he presents are enough to feel like a complete project while still leaving us wanting more.

Connect with Drew David: SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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