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909Memphis drops woozy "Foot on the gas"

UK-born trap singer 909Memphis has returned with a sedating new ballad, "Foot on the gas (ft. Tommy Ice)." The song is 909Memphis' first track of the new decade after releasing multiple albums and singles in 2019. It continues his signature style of heavily autotuned and melodic raps over staggering ambient beats. More importantly, "Foot on the gas" adds more variety and talent to the growing trend of blending rap and R&B while still remaining fresh and original. 

"Foot on the gas" brings a very reflective and atmospheric landscape that invites introspection and meditation. It shows two vocalists detailing the aftermath of a heartbreak, considering their own faults and coping mechanisms as well as the relentlessness of the people that wronged them. The instrumental features some lush and somber guitar chords that are occasionally peppered with some chilling piano runs. These tones sit nicely under the steady and pumping trap beat, creating a nice contrast that is also accented with 909Memphis' smooth singing and Tommy Ice's cutting raps.

Still, these contrasts highlight two sides of the same coin of heartbreak. They showcase cutting anger and sinking sadness, cold dismissal and genuine sensitivity. Moreover, these elements are what make "Foot on the gas" such a well-executed track of it's own kind. It excellently meshes rap with soul along with their respective aesthetics and emotions. It makes a compelling case for the strength of this trend in hip-hop while also being a captivating and poignant listen.

909Memphis has a vocal style that is undeniably unique and memorable. It is catchy at the very least and extremely moving and understanding in it's best moments. 

Connect with 909Memphis: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

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