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Richard Frenneaux debuts solo act with sugary single "ARCADES"

You may recognize the distinct vocals of Brisbane-based songwriter and producer Richard Frenneaux from his time in post-punk group Red Light Company, but you would be forgiven if their added sugar in his solo debut single “ARCADES” takes you a moment to truly savor. The new song is not only the arrival of an artist well-versed in music production, but also a welcome departure from previous work. It is richly layered with vibrant synth cuts, a buzzing bottom-end and the gooey vocals of Frenneaux for a new, irresistible flavor.

What is so great about "ARCADES" is the euphoria that the singer and producer beams both in his vocal delivery and in the music; he seems liberated, deeply expressive and even pensive, but with a touch of fulfillment. And why not? With Red Light District, Frenneaux found himself in UK charts and touring the world with The Killers, among others. “ARCADES” feels like both an end and a beginning that is deeply filled with joy. The alt-pop genre is suited for Frenneaux's production ability and his passionate performance style, and the single shows that and promises great work to come.

Frenneaux has had the opportunity to help write and produce tracks for renowned artists such as Lana Del Rey. In this new venture, one could say Frenneaux has a new freedom. Much like artists such as LP, who have written great pieces for other artists, Frenneaux now turns toward himself, ready to discover what his talent has in store for him, and thankfully our ears will get to reap the benefits.

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Electronic · Synth Pop


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