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Reece reflects on interpersonal connections on "China Blue" [Video]

In a musical era where how you look and how you present your art is held almost in the same stead as the music itself, some artists are letting their branding and appearance run away with itself, and in some cases, at the cost of the music. Out steps the antithesis, Reece is an inspired artist that lets his intimate blend of indie-pop and contemporary R&B speak solely for itself. He allows it to fully define his artistic and creative character; and what a character it is.

Speaking to the concept, he states that "I use music as an outlet to show who I truly am to the entire world. It’s not about the cover art or what I look like. Focus on the songs."

"China Blue" is a wildly introspective and deep cut and a blissful return from the Virginia-native, that addresses his relationships with friends and lovers; stating "In my life, whenever I’ve had a breakup (whether it be romantic, or platonic) I try to analyze what I did right and what I could improve on. China Blue is about me self reflecting after a breakup and realizing that I have some toxic ass traits that need to be worked on."

As simple a comparison as this is, it does carry similar sonic themes of various points from Frank Ocean's groundbreaking Blonde album, but that's a million miles from criticism; and even so, Reece's character and storytelling are what makes this track so unique, so relatable, and so replayable, moreover.

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