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Doa Beezy releases personal new song and video "Deep In My Thoughts"

Chicago rapper Doa Beezy has been consistently releasing songs and videos on YouTube for the past few months, and "Deep In My Thoughts" is one of his most personal tracks to date.

Over an instrumental from Chicago super-producer JTK, Doa Beezy floats with an effortless flow and light autotune. He ends every bar with an obvious rhyme that leaves the listener fixated on every word he spits. "Deep In My Thoughts" hears Doa Beezy discuss personal tragedy and the effects that living in the streets has on him and the people around him. "All this heartbreak, this shit turned me to a boss," he raps on the chorus. Doa Beezy has been etching a name for himself with reliable, high-quality releases over the second half of 2019 that show he is his own artist. He brings genuine bars and a light bounce to every instrumental he touches, and "Deep In My Thoughts" is no different.

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