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Magdalena Bay brings a pop twist to the dark side of young love

Magdalena Bay is a dynamic duo that specializes in modern pop with hints of that early aughts nostalgia.

They seem to perfectly piece together the old and the new and bring-to-mind restless nights soaked in neon with cinematic memories. Their DIY pop brings back the earworm sounds of 2000’s pop giants but with that touch of indie roughness like Carly Rae Jepsen and Charli XCX

Despite the shimmering sound, they don't shy away from tense topics. Their new song “Oh Hell” captures the difficulties of young love and how we can’t recognize an unhealthy relationship when we’re blinded by lust and naïveté. 

Mica explained, “'Oh Hell’ is about young love and how misguided it can be. My First relationship experiences growing up were super toxic, but I went along with them because of a vague notion that love is supposed to be dark and complicated. We wrote quite creepy and dark lyrics that work against the light, dreamy airiness of the song."

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