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Johnny Utah is bigger than ever in muscular music video "4Tounce"

Johnny Utah is getting that exercise in the newly released music video to his latest single "4Tounce". In the clip, Utah is pondering about love on gym bikes and ruminating on treadmills. All with the help of a team of shirtless bodybuilders.

Director Jack O'Brien brings Utah's sweetly earnest humor to life. In his previous music video for "Honeypie", the musician is lovingly chasing after a pie. Similarly light-hearted on slow track "4Tounce", the visuals pivot from a malt liquor bottle to Utah working out. In the song, he yearns for a love that's more than a late-night booty call. All the while muscle hunk men abound. Their presence fulfills Utah's vision of "beefy boys, oiled up, on a Tuesday, guys being dudes, working out, getting shit done".

Besides his cheeky sense of humor, the 23-year-old artist certainly got shit done in 2019. With two singles out this year, Utah has grown from bedroom pop obscurity to become an exciting producer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. Along with all his workouts in "4Tounce", Utah is sure to be even bigger in 2020!

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