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Mca Nezzy realigns his energies on "Distracted"

Nairobi-based Atlanta rapper Mca Nezzy has teamed up with producer Blanco to create "Distracted,"a track featuring a reflective mood throughout.
Nezzy is engaged and continuously searches for meaning on a record that takes in a soft bass and guitar strings, aligning some electro mood as he sings and breaks into rap. Entirely, MCA Nezzy creates a trance in a rap record. His attention to detail across a slew of his tracks for his early mixtapes might very soon earn him status as a vital and innovative new rapper of the moment. Further details on his upcoming mixtape will follow around the turn of the year. MCA Nezzy's music gives the impression of someone searching for hope and living life with an optimistic smile.
Connect with Mca Nezzy: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud


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