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L.A Takedown return with retro instrumental track, "The Swimmer" [Video]

Nostalgia can come in every kind of flavour and shade of colour. For the instrumental rock collective L.A Takedown, nostalgia isn't something that can be explained in a one-liner. It's a living, breathing feeling. One that is cut, moulded, and put back together in their newest single, "The Swimmer". 

Founded on its revolving cast of musical contributors, Aaron Olson—L.A Takedown's creator and composer—enlists the help of Miles Wintner and Mose Wintner on drums for this track. Pulled off of his forthcoming new album, "The Swimmer" takes us back to a more inquisitive time. More specifically, the 1980s. When the boundaries of our minds started becoming less rigid, and our thoughts wandered toward a neon future that we didn't know whether to label inspiring or fearful. Filled entirely with instrumentals, the track meanders through a kaleidoscopic soundscape marked by electronic synths and even a lulling guitar.

Playing like a short story, every stage of a hypothetical hero's plight is woven into the production. From the curious introduction heralded in by echoing chords to the renewed energy of the fuzzed synths, down to the very last disintegrating notes. The visuals, appropriately matching the 80's motif, are no regular animations either. Rendered by Olson's father during a scientific research experiment in 1981 (showing scientists' first ever view of an intact spherical virus in atomic detail), they solidify the track as the ultimate soundtrack to the joy of discovery. "He was looking to have me make some original music to the video so he could post it on Youtube," Olson shares of his father's involvement. "A kind of collaboration we've done in the past with an other animation of his, while at the same time I was looking to make a music video for the song 'The Swimmer' and the two just matched beautifully! So we let the two merge somewhat naturally and went with the flow, so to speak. " 

A true venture into a time of awe and endless inspiration, "The Swimmer" will have you forget where you are and look ahead again to determine where you can possibly go. 

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