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Find your groove with Harry Nathan's 'Sweet Release'

Australian producer/singer/songwriter Harry Nathan is back this week with a slow burning lo-fi house treat called "Sweet Release," which also comes with the announcement of his upcoming sophomore EP.

We all get our start somewhere, but Harry Nathan got creative with his own. At the age of fourteen, he managed to cross-wire three stereos together to practice mixing like Roger Sanchez, because he was unable to afford his own DJ gear. After some practice, he managed to get a regular gig as a wedding DJ, which he used as a catapult to level up his gear and show off his chops. He mentions that after a wedding, he would get some friends from his high school to come and "drink the leftover wedding booze whilst [they] went back to back mixing house classics." In doing so,  Nathan's passion for house music continued to grow, and eventually led us here, to his very own take on the genre.

"Sweet Release" comes as a soulful anthem ladened with a mesmerizing four on the floor beat, lo-fi leaning atmospherics and keys, and all the upbeat house feels. This track doesn't miss a beat and keeps the listener effortlessly hanging on to each note as it delicately bounces through the speakers. A flawless groove persists as Nathan's house roots sit out on full display.

This single comes as the first from his new lo-fi house project, about a psychedelic relationship. Keep your eye out for the full package in 2020.

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