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Redlight delivers an infectious bass house rhythm in new track "Show Me" [Premiere]

British DJ and producer Redlight is heating up the dancefloor in these cold winter months with an intoxicating bass house rhythm in his latest track "Show Me," featuring Flava D and Shanique Marie.

“Show Me” is a pure fiery hot jam. The bass house rhythm stirs the soul and easily gets the body moving the second you hit play and once the rhymes of Jamaica’s Shanique Marie kick in, the party really heats up. "Show Me" is a spectacular harmony of both a vocal lead rhythm and a strong dance rhythm that contains influences of everything from bass house, a little jungle, a little trop house and even a bit of acid house. This is what truly makes "Show Me" such an infectious jam and a showcase of Redlight's masterful approach to blending various styles of dance music. But it was also a perfect meeting of different worlds that also helped make this track so extraordinary. Redlight shared with us, "Something pretty special from me, Flava D & Shanique Marie.. took us a while to finish it as we've all have a busy schedule but v happy to release this bumpy bass house UK JA linkup.!

Growing up surrounded by the innovative 90’s warehouse rave culture in Bristol, Redlight has worked his way up through the underground scene and has become a staple/respected producer in the dance scene, even with a few Top 10 UK hits in the national charts. It continues to be quite a year and "Show Me" is the perfect track to celebrate with.

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