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London's Muco makes a splash with his newest single "Angels" [Video]

If you haven't noticed by now, the musical landscape of teen debuts has been slowly and subtly changing ever since its shallow beginnings in the early 90s. No longer are bright-eyed girls dancing along to a choreographed number, nor are still-growing boys sweetly singing of a love they know nothing about. And despite the over-saturation of the streaming platforms we so rely on, true artistry always prevails. Such as London's newest R&B teen voice Muco and his latest single "Angels". 

Heralded in by a soft piano melody and wistful vocal chops, "Angels" quietly yet almost forcibly brushes away all your thoughts, leaving just enough space for its alluring lyrics. Inspired by the likes of Daniel Caesar and H.E.R, Muco doesn't shy away from the dark, embracing his melancholy as much as his more joyful moments. Exploring themes of loneliness and love lost, he delves into a territory that is hard to conceive as a seventeen-year-old. But then again, art is rarely confined to any set limits, and "Angels" is nothing short of a dazzling piece of art. Its melodic modesty and percussive restraint (a refreshing feature) are simply the canvas, and its delicate vocals- the brushstrokes. An impressive feature from such a young voice, and one that we hope to see more of as we head into the new decade. 

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