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Quarter Water drops endearing new video for "I Wish"

It’s hard to beat hip-hop with a live band. There’s an up-and-coming group out of New York City called Quarter Water that appears ready to broaden their scope and join the ranks of live bands delivering earnest, sophisticated hip-hop music. After the release of their debut Flavors EP last year, the five-piece outfit is back with a video for the track “I Wish” with direction from Alex Gallitano.

The song features delectably smooth instrumentals from the band that provide just the right blend of head-nodding grooves and unpredictable edge. Keyboardist Kaley Puckett, bassist Gabe Leader-Rose, saxophonist Leland Baker, and drummer Bennet Eiferman gel so effortlessly it’s easy to get lost in the music. At the focal point of the track, though, are rapper Googie’s lyrics as he describes different hopes and thoughts about his life. Gallitano’s directing follows the song’s first person narrative with close-up shots of Googie strolling through various environments with some tasteful animation from Ynon Lan. The charismatic video for “I Wish” shows that Quarter Water’s deep talents extend beyond the musical realm.

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