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Baker Grace can "See The Future", and it is looking good [Video]

New Jersey native Baker Grace is the answer to teen pop we've all been waiting for. With one slight adjustment, of course- she isn't teen pop. Though young (aged 19), she embodies the confidence and raw attitude of a woman beyond her years, while saving her youthful spirit for her infectiously empowering hits. Her latest effort, "See The Future", is a boldly made statement about the singer's blatant prowess and disregard for any outside opinions. The visualizer, a colourful medley of lyrics and sketches, reveals four different layers of the artwork when a custom Instagram filter is placed over it. Try it for yourself. 

Grace's ability to seamlessly shift between curt and soulful is a resounding feature in this track. Promoting ownership of her own future and the journey she needs to take to get there, her honeyed vocals cut like daggers as she gently croons about the "power I hold at the tip of my tongue". Supplemented by a guitar-strummed melody overlayed with a modern percussive production, "See The Future" is a subtle disguise for yet another empowering anthem. Though it may not be loud or riddled with all the familiar pop elements, it holds an undeniable power. A true reflection of the artist behind the lyrics, and her indisputable path toward musical greatness. 

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