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Folk singer Lizzie Weber brings warmth on the melancholic “December”

Seattle-based folk singer-songwriter Lizzie Weber returns with her second single of 2019, “December.” The lovely, acoustic-guitar and piano-driven effort has a delicate touch that should warm your soul this holiday season. “December” follows her single “When You Look at Me,” which was released this past spring.

“December” is a deeply reflective endeavor. It evokes the feelings of Christmas morning, the excitement of the unknown, and the wistfulness of what it all used to be even when it’s no longer a reality. “The tune is about yearning for companionship during a time when togetherness is most cherished,” Weber tells EARMILK.

On the other side of the coin, Weber’s angelic vocals and tender strumming is something to marvel at. Lyrically she’s at her best as she paints stark imagery through the importance of being together with the ones you love in such a precious time of the year. She continues sharing, “I wrote it in 2017 when my partner and I were away from each other for seven months. We were married that fall and had just celebrated the best night of our lives only to say goodbye again a few days later. These were the words I wrote the day of his departure."

“December” isn’t maudlin or overly sentimental either. There’s a certain kind of wholesomeness to the track that’s universal and it speaks in a language we can all relate to, no matter where we’re from or where we’re headed.

Originally from St. Louis and now residing in Seattle, Weber's "December" is the first track from her upcoming EP slated for release in March 2020. She previously shared her EP You in 2018.

Connect with Lizzie Weber: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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