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Anastasia Kristensen reaches "MAXIMA" pressure

Anastasia Kristensen is a DJ and producer who has been consistently hailed as one of techno’s rising stars. Her latest release - MAXIMA - on fabric’s Houndstooth label proves exactly why.

Kristensen explains that she is “driven by spreading confidence and fearlessness”; two qualities which shine through all four of her new tracks. Ranging from 128 to 137 BPM, Kristensen isn't shy when it comes to exploring a variety of sounds. With a sound heavily rooted in the depths of techno, electro and beyond, MAXIMA showcases the Copenhagen-based DJ’s ear for a floor-filler.

Described by Resident Advisor as “a poster-child for techno’s lean out of it’s associated black hole, and into a spectrum of colours, textures and light", MAXIMA is wholly representative of this. The first track on the release, “AK OK” is electro heaven. From the snippets of vocals the listener is teased with to the flurry of electro-charged noises, as “AK OK” winds itself up to the peak, it brings the listener along for the ride. It is also a complete contrast to the fourth and final track of the release, “Submerge Station”. Whilst still keeping a distinctly Kristensen-esque sound, “Submerge Station” is on the more relaxed side of things. It’s a track that would sound more at home at the beginning of the night than at peak time, but this simply adds to Kristensen’s allure - she really can do it all.

The title track, “MAXIMA”, transcends all expectations, gliding from a peak-time rammer into a euphoric, end-of-the-night melody - all within the space of 5 minutes. It’s a skill that few have mastered, yet Kristensen makes it seem so effortless. She continues to display her ability as a master of all trades with “The Flight”. Appearing as the second track on her release, it is one which is much lighter than those mentioned prior. “The Flight” is shimmery, laid back, and somewhat emotional - yet it still has that Kristensen kick to it. 

MAXIMA is a release that does Kristensen complete and utter justice as a musical talent. Each end of the spectrum is equally as strong as the other. Whatever the occasion, Kristensen’s got you covered.

Stream MAXIMA via Spotify, or purchase through Beatport.

Connect with Anastasia Kristensen: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram


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