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Selca gives us raw emotion and gets "Sober" with us

Selca, a rapper from upstate New York, dropped his new classic New York hip-hop inspired track "Sober" - a fiery narration filled with self-awareness and self-growth.

In this track, Selca portrays someone who decides to battle his inner demons so that he can reach his greatest potential as a human being and as an artist. It's an intimate look into his own personal struggles and how they have negatively affected his mental state. Recognizing that alcohol won't help face his demons, he realizes that many things must change in order for him to grow.

The confessional style lyricism also provides a sense of cathartic release. He raps, 'Remember I'm only human and all I want is redemption...' One will feel the pain and the hunger for the yearning to heal throughout this track. Try not to judge the artist and you will most definitely be inspired by this story. 

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