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More Fatter releases funky fresh ‘Fatterludes’

On November 15, San Francisco’s More Fatter released their debut EP Fatterludes. These boys have an inescapably feel-good sound, where each track on the album feels unique but blends delightfully and effortlessly with the rest. They’re what happens with funk meets pop but with snappy drums, fearless horn section, a sprinkle of jazz, and a soulful backbone. The band says their mission is to “celebrate the wildly colorful and chaotic range of life, while inspiring and healing the hearts of listeners.” Consider yourself on your way, boys.

The purity in jams like “Hey You” gets the heads bumping and fingers snapping with the light-hearted pop-infused melody. “Silly Goose” is a more surprising turn on the album that starts with lovely harmonies and a soulful vibe but with odd lyricism expressing how the singer switched from coffee to tea. Gotta keep that gut healthy and fresh. Now that’s a reference I can get behind.

But truly, More Fatter has a youthful energy and approach that is both refreshing and much appreciated in today's industry. Their tour kicks off November 21 at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz and will take them all over the West Coast over these next few weeks.

Connect with More Fatter: Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook | Website | Spotify



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