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LOWFi lyrically conquer on sophomore project 'Legion'

LOWFi, the rap-trifecta of Jayy Grams, Von Wilda and Hayelo, is back with their new album encompassing raw and honest lyricism. 'Legion' is the follow up to their first project 'The Allegory' which dropped earlier last year. It’s exciting to see a group so young, rap with such maturity and simultaneously stay true to who they are. LOWFi have sustained a sincerity in their music, which allows their fans to not only connect but grow with them through their transparent artistic expression. 

The versatility and artistry of the group are evident with each new release. Before the drop of 'Legion', the group dropped a lead single “Expendables” and accompanied it with a striking visual directed by Omar Jones. The moody, dark and imaginative video compliments the group’s interplaying skill set and seamless songwriting abilities. Though young, the group's seasoned craftsmanship is best expressed in the effortless transitions of trippy edits, eccentric rhythm work,  and obscure lyricism. It was a perfect slice of what’s to come before the drop of 'Legion'. Their fusion on the beat never sounds forced, but purposeful. 

 “Expendables” would be considered the standout track on the project and seems to be a fan favorite as well. The haunting and ominous backdrop combined with the group’s masterful wordplay creates a mesmerizing three and a half minutes. They remain brutally honest and balance that out with quotable and humorous one-liners. 

 “Round table” also delivers a noteworthy performance—an eerie track that covers an array of topics and maintains a sense of coming-of-age-reflection. Hayelo raps “Everyday and every night fill another page, with a little pain and a little rage…” These moments of poetic self-reflection provide listeners an unadulterated look into their lives. Thankfully, the project maintains a sense of positivity through the hardships, as Hayelo continues to rap “tryna change the world can’t let it change me...”

With so much heart, talent and potential, one can only wait to see what’s next from this lyrically charged group.

Connect with LOWFi: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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