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Phé explores social media culture on "wtv, it's cool" [Video]

One of the largest fallacies of social media is that while they were created to bring people together, they often have the opposite effect. With the overflow of personal content on these platforms, it’s easy to feel disconnected from just a few minutes of scrolling. On her latest single, Phé has situated herself within a growing number of people reconsidering the value of social media and its effect on mental health. Combined with a stylish video directed by Brit Phelan, “wtv, it’s cool” delivers a fun, danceable track while the Vancouver native Phé explores vulnerable aspects of life in modern society.

Amid Phelan’s colorful visuals and the gleaming sonic palette from Todd Spadafore and Jaime Estalella, Phé’s subtly expressive vocals command the audience’s attention at every moment. Her voice is particularly catchy in the angular hooks as she sings, “Whatever, it’s cool / I’m not lonely, been loving the view… don’t tell them my mascara’s running / but whatever it’s cool.” It’s a refreshingly laid back approach to the feeling of security in one’s individuality. That understated yet poignant message pairs with a groove that doesn’t quit for a wholly enjoyable release from Phé.

"wtv, it's cool" is available to stream or download here.

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