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Stereo Jane refuse to enter the "Real World"

Sisters Sydney and Mia Schmier are like any other young adults embarking on their journey toward full-fledged adulthood: Not ready. The only difference being that instead of flooding to their social profiles with cynical status updates, they express their disdain for the rising external pressures as pop/rock duo Stereo Jane with their latest single, "Real World". 

After moving from a suburb outside of Detroit to L.A, the duo found their world widening and refused to let it shrink down again by losing their childlike wonder. Releasing this accompanying lyrical video, they amplify their fiercely charged message with scenes of careless adventures and rebellious deeds in the style of a home video. The visual is perfectly aligned with the duo's flourishing persona: Sweet and youthful but with a razor-sharp edge. Much like the song itself.

Bookended by calm and matter-of-factly verses, the chorus bursts with emotional resilience and vocal prowess. Defiantly belting out "I don't want the real world", the sisters attempt to hold on to their freedom for as long as they can, refusing to succumb to the formula of a socially accepted adult. 

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