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Mimi Bay shares triple-single release "daydreams"

DIY artist and bedroom popper Mimi Bay shares her gloriously delicate three-single release daydreams.  Since developing an ever-growing fanbase from SoundCloud demos, this 18 year-old has crafted a body of work that is astonishingly flawless. It's incredibly stunning FYI.

Often lo-fi and fuzzy, the singles compliment each other in ways which words cannot describe. Ethereal, fragile and organic might be the best place to start. Lead single "wyd" showcases Mimi's vulnerable voice, shuffling emotive words into coherent, spacey lyrics. With an underlying finger-plucked guitar melody, Mimi puts her Gen Z spin on understanding the emotions surrounding love. "This song to me, feels like... a bittersweet mixture of longing to get somewhere but also wanting to pause time and stay right where I was," explains Mimi.

With "daydream", its crystallised synths send its listener into a hazy trance. Weaving featherweight melodies with her distinct, eery vocals, the track's a whirlwind of emotions. Whilst "2am apollo" rounds of the single by sending chills down the spine of all. Combining lustrous sounds with Mimi's, again, vulnerable vocals, it's a single that speaks a thousand words. 

daydreams is the first collection of work to be released on 7-inch vinyl for Mimi. "Getting these song out on vinyl is really cool. It's hard to believe that I'll be able to physically hold these three songs that have been with me for a while now," she says. "These are songs that carry my mind from different versions of me."

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