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Daniel Loumpouridis explores the spectrum of a love lost on "Voicemail"

They say that before you run, you must learn how to walk, and songwriter-producer Daniel Loumpouridis has done just that. After jumpstarting his career with various behind-the-scenes writing credits (including Louis the Child's "It's Strange"), he is venturing out on his own with the upcoming release of his debut solo album, Fall & Fixture. But before its inaugural release on  November 15th, he shares one more track as a preview of what's to come. 

Since the age of seventeen, he's been writing and learning his way around a studio, taking on the moniker of Small Talk on Soundcloud. A few forays into producing roles for artists such as Pellican the Child and Zola later, he is finally ready to take all he's learned and bake it into a sound all his own. "As an indie kid who's always been obsessed with hip-hop, 'Voicemail' was my first foray into applying lessons that I've learned from both genres in one song," he shares. 

Outfitting his hushed baritone vocals with a sensuous R&B production, Loumpouridis paints a rich picture filled with brushstrokes of pain and defiance. Recounting an ending love story over a melodious synth line and soothing percussions, the track manages to hit a spectrum of emotions in its short three-minute run. "The verses struggle with a deep sense of longing, begging for sympathy and resolution, while the chorus is a brash 'talk to the hand' moment. This song is built on duality and the fact that two seemingly conflicting tendencies can coexist at the same time, and whether that's musically or lyrically, it's part of what makes this my favorite song on the LP." 

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