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Aphrose has grown "Weak" for a fading love

We've all faced the feeling of being used and mistreated. There's only so many tallying of wrongs one can do before finally cutting ties, and the freedom of finally letting go is like none other. Toronto R&B/Soul powerhouse Aphrose voices those same frustrations on the slow winding "Weak".

With soulful sincerity, Aphrose speaks on the tumultuous journey of being taken advantage of time and time again in a relationship. The track builds up in power as she voices her decision to break things off. Her smoky vocals shine over a single textured guitar loop and minimalistic drums, before ending off the track with an impassioned high note. "WEAK" is the last release ahead of Aphrose's debut album Element, out next week.

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Minimal RnB · R&B · Soul


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