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Amber-Simone delivers hard-hitting new single "Glitter"

Amber-Simone continues to cement her place as an artist to watch with her latest single "Glitter." The track is the first release from the London vocalist and multi-instrumentalist since her debut EP For Those Moments from earlier this year and with production from Barney Lister, "Glitter" represents another step in the progression of an artist clearly on the rise.

Despite its title, "Glitter" has a bit more edge than some of Amber-Simone's previous work, both musically and lyrically. With a palpable sense of security in her convictions, she sings about the importance of facing what's left after metaphorical glitter washes away in our lives. Not only do her buttery vocals deftly weave through the mix with powerful impact, but Amber also performs the bass, keyboard, and guitar parts on the track as well. The punchy, almost disjointed feel of the instruments provides added depth to the song's lyrics, with Lister crafting all the elements together in a cohesive, grooving sonic aesthetic. With a confident track like "Glitter," Amber-Simone shows that she has talent and style to make waves in the music world.

"Glitter" is available to stream or download here.

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