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mmmonika's "Swamp Time!" is a healing beacon of brotherly love [Video]

Sometimes in life it is important to unwind and fall back into an almost childlike reverie of daydreams and pastel coloured memories. The L.A five-piece alt-pop group mmmonika are the living embodiment of that sentiment, choosing happiness and an uplifting melody as their guides. And if you didn't already know that, their latest visuals for the summertime single "Swamp Time!" will tell you all you need to know about this charmingly humble band. 

Vividly coloured, the video jumps through shots of the brotherly five dressed in white, painting a room together. Sounds simple enough, but it is the effortless bond between the band members that truly shines through and makes this video so alluring. Coupled with the quirky production of "Swamp Time!", it is easy to take the track at face value and deem it to just be simple and sweet. Digging through the lyrics, however, you uncover a deeper intention, and a message that rings through like a deafening bell. "mmmonkia doesn't exist to give the answers but here to make it okay to ask the questions," lead singer Ryan Yoo explains. The song, in fact, is about his own experience with bipolar disorder, and the power of seeking support from those around you. It becomes clear, then, that the upbeat California-sun production and lo-fi vocals aren't just for the sake of polishing off a summertime bop. They're for reminding us all of just how good being loved feels- even when we ourselves don't know why. 

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