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Artist Spotlight: Malik Ninety Five talks growing up in New Orleans and chasing success

While many have been looking to Atlanta for emerging hip-hop talent in recent years, New Orleans has been steadily harboring some heat when it comes to the rap scene. Malik Ninety Five is one of the more prolific artists emerging from New Orleans dominating the hip-hop world. He is a rapper, songwriter, and producer, and is paving the way for the new rise of NOLA all-stars. From working in the studio alongside acts like YK Osiris and Casey Veggies to touring with Jay Rock for his 'The Big Redemption Tour,’ Malik has been hustling his way onto the radar of many hip-hop critics. And if you’re an avid festival goer like myself, you may have caught one of his performances live at Bonnaroo, Bukuk Festival, Freewater Festival, and Made in LA. 

As an artist, Malik has countless things to be proud of. However, as he enters one of the most successful chapters of his career, it’s important to look back and reflect on where the rising emcee got his start.

Malik lived through the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, but chooses to see the silver lining: “We had a lot of fun despite tragedy somehow always been around us from the aftermath of Katrina to surviving the city,”  Malik notes via email. “I wanna say after Hurricane Katrina is when I first started listening to Wayne heavy and I started writing for myself. I [also] started playing drums and learning other instruments.”As he grew up, he fostered his love for music through sound production and lyricism. His musical inspiration and aesthetic as an artist was sparked by many California rappers including Dom Kennedy, Wiz Khalifa, and Kendrick Lamar.

The hit record ‘Triple S’ by British rap star AJ Tracey, produced by Malik Ninety Five marked a huge milestone. It was one of the first songs the artist has produced to go silver. In addition to Triple S, Malik has several other placements he’s proud of and even gave us word that there are a few more exciting ones in the works dropping very soon. 

It’s no secret that the South has been taking the hip-hop industry by storm, releasing multiple chart-topping projects per year. However, in this new age of hip-hop, it can be hard to stand out as an artist. As well as working on projects for other artists, Malik Ninety Five is currently putting the finishing touches on his own project, titled Tides and Raptures. On the project, Malik plans to solidify his imprint on the Southern rap movement and highlight his originality. “ I've been bringing a new sound and wave to the South,” he says, and [I] want to show my take on it. Really honest but still with fun moments. I want [listeners] to take away how much fun we really have doing this music shit and how we are able to tell our stories of life down here.” Also placing a lot of value in his supporters, Malik is continuously seeking new ways to connect with fans by telling his story as an artist and showcasing his purpose for making music.

 “New Orleans has been overlooked for years as a city with potential, but, I want listeners to know that we are here and we are enjoying the ride. [My goal in music is to] put plaques up and keep my mama happy. Everything I do is for my family and in my music, I am telling the world from my eyes”

Tides and Raptures is slated for release in March of next year, featuring artists from all across the globe. Fans can also look forward to hearing a new single from the project at the top of the year.

Connect with Malik Ninety Five: Twitter| Instagram| Spotify| Website| YouTube

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