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Harmony Byrne ascends in searing vocal performance of "Come Down vs Calm Down"

Aussie blues-rock performer Harmony Byrne is an enigmatic musical force. Her emotional explosions are often restrained to either the instrumentals or the vocals themselves. However in the case of Byrne's latest single "Come Down vs Calm Down" she lets loose for the whole world to hear. 

Between the seductively finger-plucked guitar and avidly listening drums, "Come Down vs Calm Down" sets itself up as a soul-searching cure for the blues. But then you hear Byrne's electrifying vocals. The vocals pull you down even deeper into a whirlpool of emotional defiance, purifying confessions, and a roaring chorus. "In essence it's a song about mental health," she explains. "I feel there is darkness hidden in our minds that often engulfs us." 

By pouring her jagged-edged thoughts into her craft, Byrne successfully transcends not only her personal relationship with herself, but with her audience as well. Byrne's debut album "Heavy Doors" is due out in Spring 2020. Listen to "Come Down vs Calm Down" above.

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