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Erin Bowman is looking for her next "Steps on Stones"

When you last heard of Erin Bowman, you were probably treated to a fist-pumping, good-time-rolling electronic pop performance. If you've been keeping up with her this year, though, then you would know that the "Good Time Good Life" pop singer is gone. In her place is someone that we all see in the mirror every day- "a twenty-something finding her way while making a few mistakes". 

With her forthcoming debut EP, Apartment 101, Bowman was determined to slow it down and take off the mask. To re-introduce herself, all seven tracks of Apartment 101 are prefaced with a short YouTube video describing the track, shot from her very own apartment. "Steps on Stones", the latest one, recounts her mistakes while remaining determined to move past them-and simply keep moving. 

Boldly voicing her insecurities in a lyrical masterpiece of metaphors, Bowman searches for meaning in a stuck place: "My thoughts are falling flat | Mediocre at best ". As simple keys and carefully paced drums guide her voice along, the vocals become more robust, deepened by the acceptance of her own missing wisdom. Rather than being wistful or melancholy, "Steps on Stones" harnesses an almost angry raw desire. The desire to find the next stepping stone, whatever it may be, and place a firm foot upon it. 

Erin Bowman's debut EP is scheduled for release on November 1st, with select show tickets available for purchase here

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