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Skott's single "Midas" is a hypnotic and haunting creation

Between the flawless trilling soprano vocals and the mythical sound to the entire track, Swedish artist Skott’s new single “Midas” is a creation that stands alone. 

Out today on her own record label Dollar Menu, "Midas" shows off Skott’s expert vocal range and unique haunting production. Moments like the pre-chorus have a style not unlike Lana Del Rey’s latest album; slow and sultry with understated instrumentals. That mesmerizing sound came from the initial writing process, as Skott writes. She was hypnotized by the one-take melodies she had improvised over her loop. “Most of the song wrote itself in less than fifteen minutes.” Skott released single “Bloodhound” earlier this year, which carries a similar style; showcasing Skott’s quieter background mixing, making room for her powerhouse voice. From growing up in a remote woodland village in Sweden to gaining over 100 million streams of her music globally, I'm eagerly awaiting more new music she has hinted is coming soon.  

Photo Credit: Peter St. James

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