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Dan Sadin seeks out more substantial bonds in ‘Sucker’  

Previously fearful of rejection, Dan Sadin has chosen to no longer conform to the norms. Revealing his authentic self to the world, he delivers raw impassioned music touching on themes of personal communication and heartache. His latest single entitled "Sucker" highlights deep pounding drums and expressive vocals reminiscent of Vance Joy and The Killers. In a world of meaningless small talk through surface-level interactions, the track details a need for deeper, more meaningful connections with the world and himself.

“I'm terrible at small talk. I'm always pushing for the deeper, more serious conversations. When I'm out being social, talking about that stuff feels taboo and I think I end up coming across as awkward or disengaged. So I had become actually afraid of "going there" and creating genuine relationships, actively trying to avoid that part of myself. But I've reached a point where that just isn't working for me anymore,” he confides. 

Sadin has established a 10 year career collaborating and performing with prominent artists such as FRENSHIP and Jessie Ware. A guitar player and accomplished storyteller, his lyrics carry our most intimate thoughts to life. He showcases a powerful vulnerability, inviting listeners to tap into that side of themselves.

Sadin’s style draws inspiration from greats like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, while also crafting his own uniquely modernized sound. There is so much strength in the growth he’s taken to find his voice. Take a listen to "Sucker" and discover that profound connection we’ve all been searching for.

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