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Basement Revolver's single "Have I Been Deceived" is an honest reflection on the past [Video]

In their newest single, Hamilton, Ontario-based band Basement Revolver question the past and the perspectives that are held onto. The waning guitar and ringing cymbals combine to create “Have I Been Deceived”, a truly beautiful, heartbreaking track.

The band’s Wax and Digital EP drops tomorrow, and on its second single, lead singer Chrisy Hurn’s crystal clear voice rises with the instrumentals that bounce from country to indie-rock. The vulnerability seems to reverberate off the single’s lyrics about Hurn’s religious upbringing, and the current journey of living life from a different perspective. For Hurn, religion was her identity, and then that identity began to fall apart. “I want to let that go”, the lead singer says. “I don’t know who I am without my past. I don’t know who I am moving forward. I wish I had a more clear answer but I don’t; I am just here.” In the single’s music video, a cloth character contemplates her life through stop-motion film. Music and video combine giving listeners an honest glimpse into Hurn’s mind and the struggle to move forward.

Connect with Basement Revolver: Website | Twitter | Spotify

Photo credit: Kyle Fisher

Video credits: Andy Friesen, See You On The Moon, Liam Sanagan, Rita Ushakova

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