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Pink Skies travels through uncharted waters on “Waves”

As the fall season is fully upon us with the changing of temps, moods, and leaves, so is new music to adjust to the transition. And there’s no better way than the latest offering from a clear-cut one-to-watch artist Pink Skies to guide you through the season. Arieh Berl is an Oakland-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer who performs under his Pink Skies moniker. He returns with “Waves,” an enticing first glimpse into his debut LP Infinity.

Upon the first few seconds, you can immediately recognize the Tame Impala-esque vibes on “Waves.” However, Pink Skies has clearly established his own distinctive sonic palette through a rich kaleidoscope of echoes. Like it’s title, “Waves” oscillates through a multitude of genres, landing on the shoreline of trippy, psychedelic-pop and tinges of experimental-pop/alt-R&B. No matter the genre or subgenres, “Waves” is all feelings. Similar to his 2018 debut EP Does It Really Matter?, Berl delivers an excess of these “feelings” for listeners to journey here and there and back again. Pink Skies’ long awaited return is a special one, navigating through a lush sonic resonance and deeper lyrical exploration without sacrificing his signature artistry.

Berl shares this of his new song,

“'Waves’ was the first song that I finished for the album. I just remember going in super hard and spending a ton of time on the beat. The production evolved and there's a noticeably different production than the older Pink Skies stuff. I feel like it really is the first song where I feel like I've noticed growth in my production style. It really feels much more polished, and a lot more experimental. 

I thought that this would be a great first song from the new album because it marks a new experimental production style for myself. I wasn't afraid to chop things up, reverse things, and make things sound unnatural. I think it is a perfect blend between natural sounds with something off about it. Red Ocean, Purple Sun. I also thought this is a great song to share because it is all about journey and at the end of the day, that’s the theme to all this music I've been working on.”

Accompanying “Waves” is the album’s title track and B-side single “Infinity.” The album was co-produced by Yianni AP and Kendrick Brown and mastered by Dave Cooley (Tame Impala, J Dilla, and M83). Pink Skies will release his debut LP Infinity on November 20th.

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Alternative · Dreamwave · Indie · Psych-rock


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