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LIZ LOKRE shows how far true love is willing to go in the celestial “No Doubt”

In a powerful juxtaposition of destruction and hope, LIZ LOKRE shows that true love keeps fighting in “No Doubt”. An ode to helping, caring for, and inevitably, saving one another from the struggles around and within, “No Doubt” encapsulates an overarching feeling of everlasting resiliency–one that is perfected in the arms of a saviour. 

The dreamlike visuals for “No Doubt”, directed by Kat Webber and executive directed by Director X,  depicts an otherworldly reverie where water, fire, air and earth collide to show the unwavering nature of love in perfect balance. Willing to dive into any depth to protect love, LOKRE doesn’t give up on a struggling lover as she gives refuge to his uncertainties and encourages him to keep hoping. LOKRE’s impassioned vocals thrive against rocky waters and weeping strings as she galvanizes listeners to protect what they cherish most. The visuals, shot entirely on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 as part of Samsung Canada's #PowerUp campaign, don’t fall short of delivering movie-worthy production.

LOKRE and her lover, draped in a glow of neon scarlets and blues, perform on the stage of crystallized waters as they demonstrate an undying buoyancy. Glistening stars diffuse into the waters as the two find strength in each other. “It is about the fight to protect love, both in a universal & personal sense,” Kat Webber notes over an email. “We must fight for ourselves, fight for each other and fight for this planet so that we may continue to love and create for generations to come.” In many ways, “No Doubt” is the encouragement we all need right now; a push to protect innocence no matter the cost. Webber and LOKRE imbued “No Doubt” with a relentless optimism that is fuelled by the act of selflessly being there for one another.

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